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Custom Development for Startups by AOT Technologies

You have a great idea. You have seed money. Now it’s time to put your vision into action!

AOT Technologies began as a startup in Victoria BC over a decade ago, and we quickly immersed ourselves in the local startup scene. Many of our biggest clients are entrepreneurs. We understand the mindset and we understand their needs.

First of all, there’s a need for us to listen and to ask the right questions. There’s no point in custom development if it isn’t tailored to what you want and what you need. Let’s talk about the process and what we can do for you.


Talking the Talk and Walking the Walk

What do you want and how do you want to get there? Those are a couple of the vital questions we’ll be asking when we start our business analysis of your needs. Once we’ve gained an understanding of your needs we can talk about possible solutions. It’s always good to consider options, so we’ll make sure we can recommend a path and offer some alternatives too.


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Working Smart For You

Of course we recognize that some details may be fuzzy and some of your needs may change in the process. That’s why we’re proud to use the agile method of software development. It’s a way to anticipate the unanticipated. In the real world, things happen and things change. And we have your back.

Business analysis looks at goals before solutions. Sometimes it’s tempting to say, “I want to copy that!” But maybe there are better solutions out there.

Key for us is to know what results you want, and how we can help you achieve the core mission behind your project.


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Finding The Solution

Custom development sits on a continuum. At one end sits full-blown building from scratch to produce a totally unique solution.

At the other end of the continuum is customizing existing software, such as our open-source low-code solution Sometimes you don’t have to reinvent the wheel – if the wheel fits, let’s use it!

You don’t have to commit to a giant project all at once. Often the best solution is to use a phased approach, adding more and more features after the core solution is tried and tested in the real world.

You may also need your software to communicate with systems you already have or that your suppliers and customers have. Legacy integration is one of our many strengths, and we’ll map out ways to take a rational approach to work with all these systems.


The AOT Approach

Communication is vital, so you’ll get regular updates from your Account Executive. And because we’re agile, you’ll work with the team to pivot to any challenges and changes in scope as they happen.

Just because we’re in the build phase, it doesn’t mean coding starts all at once. For instance, our team might need to interview your typical users so that we can design something they’ll love.

Of course, we’ll be celebrating the milestones and sharing it all with you. We’ll make sure we’re on top of it and you know all about it.


Don’t You Forget About Me

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Ongoing Support

So, the coding is done and the documentation is handed over. Let’s celebrate and call it a day!

Well, not quite. Your satisfaction is vital to us, so we are happy to provide support and upgrades even after we’ve wrapped up the latest version of your project.

Maybe you decide some more features would broaden your app’s appeal, or you have new strategic partners that require an expanded vision. We’re here to help build on what you have now and make that new vision happen.

If you’re ready, let’s get going!



The Bottom Line

Planting the Seed

If you’re running a startup, you know how vital it is to get your concept up and running. But you’re also balancing the thrill of adventure with the danger of a misstep.

There will always be risk. But AOT is ready to help you bring your ideas to fruition, maybe starting with that proof of concept that can be so important to get more funding. Or maybe you have a software solution that’s been tested by the real world.

Start small. Think big. We’ll help lay the foundation for your future success.


Scaling Your Dreams

We’ll never lock you into expensive, proprietary technology that can be hard to adapt. Instead, we’ll be there for you as you scale your dreams with the technology and approach that can best work for you. At AOT we value the repeated trust our clients give us, such as on those long-term projects that we’re helping to hone and expand to meet our clients’ expanding needs (and likely the expanding needs of their customers).

Beware the monolith! We’re all about flexible components and microservices and the cloud and all that. It’s about expanding the reach and depth of your software as the reach and depth of your startup’s ambitions go up. We’re in it for the long haul, so let’s start the adventure together!

To start the journey, get in touch with us! Email us at, call us at +1 778 433 1268, or send us a message using our contact form.


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