AOT and Victoria-based Startup MXZN to Share the Voice of the Athlete

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Team AOT worked with Victoria-based MXZN to develop a platform that enables athletes at sporting events to share their experiences in the mixed zone with broadcast media even when reporters are not available. The solution connects athletes with reporters and provides the opportunity to record interviews remotely, from anywhere in the world. 

The MXZN event kiosk comprises an iPad with an iOS app developed by AOT Technologies, and a high-quality microphone to deliver a full HD video feed. From there, the feed is uploaded to the AWS Cloud for transcoding, processing using AWS Media Services, and distributed via social media & news channels, increasing sponsor visibility.

The MXZN kiosk in action at the Prada Americas Cup in Auckland, New Zealand

Together with the team at MXZN, this solution aims to empower sports teams and individuals to automatically capture pre-and post-event coverage or general updates on the team’s performance and training

As of January 2021, the solution has been successfully deployed for use in America’s Cup competition, one of the premium sports events on the global calendar, and is set to be used in the Olympic and Paralympic Games in summer 2021

About MXZN

MXZN is broadcaster and athlete conceived, invested, developed, and launched. Their team boasts decades of experience in sports broadcasting, technology development, startup management, and diversity in sport. Not to mention 20 Paralympic medals!