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Digital transformation empowers employees to make valuable business decisions, whether that’s the sales department down the hall from accounting or the citizens themselves.

AOT has over a decade of experience helping convert our clients’ legacy systems to smoothly operating processes that can serve both the public and your staff.

Our open-source, low-code solution puts the power of digital transformation into the hands of citizen developers.


Let’s Talk About the Benefits!

Many organizations have vital pieces of information that are hidden away in the third filing cabinet from the left of the door to the basement storage room that’s four doors to the right of the rather rickety freight elevator. Not only could this potentially be a vital piece of information for somebody, but people also might not even know this information exists!


Digital transformation

Out of the Silos

What we’re talking about is the problem of siloed information. Maybe it’s a problem of paper-based data. Maybe it’s a problem of legacy computer systems that don’t talk to each other. Maybe it’s a problem of sorting and organizing.

Whatever the reason, siloed data is of no use to anyone, unless you have access to those silos—and know what’s in them. Sometimes siloed data results from proprietary systems that place strict limits on what can or can’t go into a database. Other times no one’s set up a system to track what all that data is doing and where.


Integrated intelligence

Integrated Intelligence

Once you get the information out of the silos and into systems that talk to each other, you have the chance to slice and dice the data in ways that bring clarity to a business problem. Data visualization brings together data to present it in the easiest-to-understand and most informative way possible. But you need that data first!

Digital transformation brings real value to you, your employees, and your public. Unsurprisingly, organizations around the world are jumping onto the digital-transformation bandwagon. Empower your team to deliver services to people faster, rather than having them stand in line for hours at a time.



The AOT Approach

AOT is passionate about delivering value to our customers and we are committed to enhancing the quality of life of those around us.

One of the problems that many clients face is that their information systems can range from locked filing cabinets to Excel spreadsheets to legacy systems that are falling into disrepair.

We have a proven track record of building the solutions you need and getting all of the components to talk to each other so that you can focus on what you do best.


Transformation in Action


Digital transformation in action

Making Waves in BC

At last year’s online LowCodeCon, speakers from around the world talked about how low-code and no-code solutions are meeting their business needs in the public and private sectors.

Karim Gillani, a Digital Services Architect for the BC government, gave a detailed demo of how AOT Technologies’ is used by Service BC, the public agency on the front line of many provincial services. Gillani said:

“We went from ten minutes per call to one minute.”


Digital transformation for business

Empowering Business Users

It’s about giving power to the people who best know why they’re using the software, he said. And especially important are the business technologists.

“These are the people that spin up Microsoft Access,” Karim noted. “These are the people that do amazing macros or some automation on their desktop with the Microsoft products out there.”

Business users can use to design online forms and connect submissions to a detailed workflow, including timers, alerts, and all the logic you’d like to pack in.

And it’s bringing the IT and business departments closer together so that IT isn’t “this separate place and scary place” for the business side, said Karim.


The Bottom Line

Drive the Process

Your organization will be so much more efficient and knowledgeable when you have the information you need at your fingertips and can provide that information to colleagues, clients, and the public as needed.

If you want to be data-driven, then you have to be in the driver’s seat, not the data. Make it work for you, not against you, and let AOT be the guiding light along this journey!

Innovate Your Way

The bottom line is, well, your bottom line. We’ll work with you to get the changes you want in the budget that works for you. Sometimes clients want rapid change. Sometimes clients want to take it slowly, step by step. We’ll help you make your way along any path that makes sense to you.

To start the journey, get in touch with us! Email us at, call us at +1 778 433 1268, or send us a message using our contact form.

We look forward to hearing from you!





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