Low Code Development to Rapidly Build Business Applications

Low Code Development by AOT Technologies

Wouldn’t it be great if you could build business applications without being a developer? Well, low-code development is a great way to let you do just that!

Our very own formsflow.ai solution empowers business users to create custom online forms and workflows. They can design and modify forms and then assign various steps, such as reviewing and approving the submitted form, to various types of users.

Let’s look at some of the ways low-code development is catching on fire.


Low Code for Your Organization

Low-code development has huge potential for organizations big and small at every level. In government, defining projects and finding contractors is often part of a complicated procurement process. The scope might have to be defined years in advance, meaning the solution could be obsolete even before it’s finished!

For enterprises, it’s vital to be nimble and quickly react to the changing needs of your customers. Continuous development and continuous deployment really can go hand in hand. And taking the step-by-step approach makes quality assurance and testing so much easier.


Citizen developers

Empower Citizen Developers

With low-code development, getting that initial piece of software going, such as formsflow.ai, sets in motion the liberation of all the talent in your office. The Excel and macro wizards can now extend their talents as they work with easy-to-use interfaces that require little or no coding.

While the programmers concentrate on the heavy lifting, everyone else can up their game too. By letting the people who process the forms do the designing, you can cut out the middlemen and focus on getting the job done.

In other words, low code lets you go with the flow, embracing change, instead of fearing it.


Low code for enterprises

Low Code for Enterprises

Of course, enterprises too can benefit from liberating the power of the ordinary business user. Not only does that put the power of change in the hands of those who know the processes the best, but it also relieves some of the pressure on tech teams, particularly in this era of high-tech labour shortages.

Employee engagement is a crucial element across all parts of your enterprise, so letting your employees improve their skills and increase how they feel they’re making a difference could be a big win-win for everybody!


Low code for startups

Low Code for Startups

Startups are an ideal place to use low-code development. Most of the benefits we’ve already mentioned apply here too but startups tend to have fewer people, so anything that lets each of your employees do more with their skills is bound to make a huge difference.

Startups are also the place for experimentation. Low-code development embraces flexibility and taking risks, without so much of the mental and financial overhead that traditional development demands.




The AOT Approach

Talk the Talk

AOT is passionate about delivering value to our customers and working with our clients to enhance the quality of life of those around us.

One of the problems that many clients face is that their information systems can range from locked filing cabinets to Excel spreadsheets to legacy systems that are falling into disrepair. Don’t despair!

We have a proven track record of building the solutions you need and getting all of the components to talk to each other so that you can focus on what you do best.

Walk the Walk

We’re happy to show you the power of formsflow.ai, our open-source low-code framework that integrates intelligent forms, decision-making workflows, and powerful analytics.

With the power of low code app development, you no longer have to find a dev team to get a form and workflow set up. You can drag and drop form elements and create business rules – all the coding is done for you automatically!

Let formsflow.ai do the walking. Break open those logjams and get your forms flowing!

The Bottom Line

Liberate that Talent

It’s a new world in tech, with great opportunities but also a great competition for talent. Professional programmers are vital for many tasks, but why compete for their time when you can use the talent hiding in your very own office?

Liberate your employees and help them find their potential! Low code provides an easy stepping stone to powerful applications that your motivated staff can create. Let them drag and drop to thrive and grow!

Interface the Future

We at AOT Technologies just don’t like siloed data. A great thing about low code is that apps built with that approach can bridge the gap between different sources of knowledge and different technologies. Low code can serve as a kind of universal language, providing that interface between once-isolated islands of facts and figures. It’s data that can help you move forward, if you’re willing to let it. Think of the possibilities!

It’s time you had the flexibility to create and modify your very own applications, and get everyone on your team involved in the process. Ultimately, low code helps makes everything, and everyone, work together a whole lot better!

To start the journey, get in touch with us! Email us at info@aot-technologies.com, call us at +1 778 433 1268, or send us a message using our contact form.


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