We Empower Our Clients To Serve People Better

By building intelligent systems and leveraging our expertise in integration and analytics.


We are the application integration leaders in British Columbia.

Data Analytics

We help our clients to rapidly gain actionable insights from existing data.


AOT Technologies is an award-winning integration and analytics solution company. Our integration and intelligence-first approach allows us to build intelligent systems for enterprises and governments. This approach has made us one of the fastest growing companies in Canada.

Our Approach

Our Integration and Intelligence First Approach accelerates time to market by integrating existing systems, cloud services and packaged solutions. This approach also begins with a design goal of generating actionable business insights from available data, instead of making it an afterthought.

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Building Blocks of Our Approach
Image Analytics and Integration
Image Microservices
Image Packaged Solutions
Image API Management
Image Cloud
Image User-centered Service Design

Our Approach Applied To Over 50 Projects

Advocacy For Integration And Intelligence-first Approach

Resources And Insights Of Our Approach

Resources And Insights Of Our Approach

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