An Open Source, Dynamic Forms + Workflow Engine With Powerful Analytics

Forms Flow.AI

FormsFlow.AI is an on-premise plug-and-play solution consisting of digital forms (Form Builder) that integrate with a Business Process Management (BPM) backend.

The strength of this solution is the flexibility of form creation, in that the customizable nature of the solution can accommodate any type of form generation and workflow — from Employee Recognition forms, Employee Hire forms, Employee Departure or Transfer forms, or Employee On-Leave forms — the possibilities are endless. FormsFlow.AI can be employed by any of predefined user groups to create forms that can feature any of the following design elements:

  • Checklists,
  • Additional Forms
  • Authorizations,
  • Providing analytics
  • Storing the end state for data lookups, and more.


FormsFlow.AI is more mobile, flexible, and responsive than the myriad of previously isolated government systems. These improvements offered are a direct result of incorporating standard operating procedures, including, but not limited to:

  • User-authentication level of security,
  • Personalized form status reporting,
  • Secure Intranet-based data, and
  • Government of BC GUI and UX compliant standards

FormsFlow.AI is an online platform for the general public that allows them to submit forms, hassle-free.

Owners, operators and staff that utilize the forms, can manage the applications in their work list and take appropriate actions on the tasks they are assigned to.


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