is an integrated forms, workflow and analytics framework - what is it?

AOT Technologies has combined leading open-source forms, workflow, analytics, and security products with bespoke client and integration APIs to deliver a seamless, compelling form automation solution, provides the following special features :

Flexible Product packages that span Open Source, Cloud & Licensed advanced versions .
  • A licensed premium version with multitude of advanced features – formsflow premium.
  • The open source community version.
  • Option to self-host or have AOT handle the hosting.
Drag and drop Form Builder with rich UI components
  • Easy customization/implementation of form design and actions
  • Complex field support e.g. calculated signature fields, conditional rendering, etc.



Server-based workflow (or BPM) engine with full capabilities
  • Graphical designer for workflows
  • Easy association of digital forms
  • Async timed and parallel flows
  • Assignment, reassignment, escalation of tasks.



Flexible Identity Management
  • Uses existing customer identity management for single sign-on, roles, and authentication (IDIR, BC Services Card, Github etc.)
  • Also provides stand-alone implementation or federation if necessary
Integrated Metrics and Analytics
  • Metrics to report on workflow metadata e.g. work outstanding
  • Analytics to slice ‘n dice form data e.g. sentiment analysis, trends



Containerized deployment
  • Easily deployable on-prem or on private/public cloud
  • Docker
  • Automated

What’s under the covers ?

Combining the products of, Camunda, Keycloak and Redash to provide forms, workflow, security, and analytics respectively is the AOT-developed progressive web application which provides a single user interface, integration platform, and runtime framework so that everything works together seamlessly.



In addition, AOT has thrown in some pre-built forms, workflows, and data dashboards to use out-the-box or as a basis for customisation. An important feature that has been added is that of multi-tenancy capability, which means that a single installation can host multiple, logically isolated customers.

What are the key benefits?

The key benefits of are

  • Greatly reduced development time – build swiftly.
  • Pricing structure which enables easy scaling – avoid the niggles you will often face with LCAD platforms.
  • Easily customized, versioned forms which can also be associated with pre-existing workflows
  • Easily customizable workflows vs custom business logic code
  • OTB workflows, forms, and analytics dashboards build your own or extend where needed
  • Utilize existing user authentication systems
  • Try it out with little effort, get in the experts to do the heavy lifting

How can we help you?

Even though we have open-sourced our solution, and you are free to test-drive or build a solution using our product with no licensing cost from us, it might make sense to involve us in your project because we drastically reduce the time to implement your solution as well as dramatically reducing risk, for the following important reasons :

  • We obviously know the open-source components of , our contributions to them and our own integration software better than anyone.
  • We have a combined expertise of many decades of building workflow solutions in many open-source and COTS products such as TIBCO, Oracle, Camunda and Activiti.
  • We have done multiple implementations using forms-based products including Oracle Forms, Orbeon and
  • We have tons of security and SSO experience (Keycloak, IDIM, WebADE, Shibboleth, OIDC, OAuth2, SAML )
  • We are specialists in analytics and data science (Redash, TIBCO Spotfire, Power BI, Tableau, Python-based sentiment analysis, Video analytics)
  • Our expertise spans governments and private enterprises.

Want a test drive or more information?

Try a free 14-day test instance.

For more information or to try it out, check out the GitHub repository at :


Sentiment Analysis

Self Service Form Design

PDF Report Generation

Support and Professional Services Team

Open Source

Interactive Reports

IDIR Integration

Beautiful Dashboards

Flexible Workflows

Connectors for Integration

Cloud or On-Premises

OAuth 2.0 based Authentication

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