AOT Technologies Boosts Data Power with Robocorp Partnership

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AOT Technologies is expanding’s integration capabilities through a partnership with Robocorp, which has developed a popular open-source platform for robotic process automation (RPA).

Software robots automate tedious and repetitive tasks, saving businesses time and money. AOT is particularly interested in using RPA to give its flagship software the power to move data across systems where it was previously difficult or impossible to do so.

With its partnership with Robocorp, AOT will further expand its commitment to open-source solutions that promote integration with legacy systems.

But RPA has many other uses. Robocorp notes that switching from manual processes to RPA can reduce costs by up to 75%. Before its involvement with Robocorp, AOT had already built a robotic office manager that reduced the time for a payroll task from a half-hour to just seconds.

Like AOT, Robocorp strongly supports open-source solutions. The company explains that you can build your own bots, which are yours to own, and you pay only for the time your bots actually do work. There’s no subscription fee and no vendor lock-in.

You can program your bots with Python or Robot Framework, an extension of Python with a simplified command set. 

With’s expanded RPA options, AOT’s flagship software becomes even more capable of easing the process of designing and using forms, implementing and monitoring workflows, and deriving data from these processes.

As gets increased support for RPA plug-ins grows, expect workflow gains to look even more impressive.