Interview with Liz: What We Look for When Hiring

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While at VIATEC‘s Discover Tectoria our HR Recruiter, Liz Cox, was able to share more about our recruitment practices and the culture we foster within our team.

She explained that we always are looking for people who are hungry to learn and curious about the world around them. This is the foundation of our “why” – we exist to enhance to quality of life for those around us by designing & engineering disruptive technology. In order to do this, our people all have a love of building things, and a curious mind, hungry for knowledge.

When asked what we look for when hiring, Liz spoke about our interest in people with diverse backgrounds. We like people who know how to pivot, and are able to translate their skills among a wide breadth of projects, interests and industries. When she is meeting a potential candidate, she is looking at their ability to mentor and coach other members of the team. Ultimately, we create a culture of coaching, and we do this by hiring excellent people who are able and willing to teach.

Currently, we are recruiting for mid-range to senior positions – our sweet spot lies with professionals who have six years of experience or more. We are recruiting strategically, so that as we evolve, and hire more in coming years, we do so with a strong team in our head office, who are able to foster & mentor young talent.

The majority of our people work out of our head office, in Victoria, BC but we also have an office in Vancouver, a presence in Seattle, and an office in Kerala, India. If you or anyone you know is looking to for an exciting opportunity to gain valuable knowledge, innovate well-known practices and work on cool projects that really benefit the community, please check out our Career Page for more information of the positions we are actively hiring for!