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An Agile Roadmap – Going the Extra Mile for AOT’s New App

Not exactly frostbite. But their feet sure felt like they were freezing. Brendan Decontie and Clint Reece are getting used […]

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AOT Technologies Boosts formsflow.ai Data Power with Robocorp Partnership

AOT Technologies is expanding formsflow.ai’s integration capabilities through a partnership with Robocorp, which has developed a popular open-source platform for […]

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AOT Technologies Is Excited to Open Portland Branch Promoting formsflow.ai Locally and Around the World

AOT Technologies has a new branch in Portland, Oregon, from where Matthew Anderson and Spencer Haddenham-Gibler have been busy promoting […]

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Developer Spotlight – Andrew Signori

This edition of Developer Spotlight features Andrew Signori, a senior developer at AOT Technologies who’s been hard at work on […]

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