AOT Attends Discover Tectoria 2020

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Here in Victoria, we are lucky to have a tight-knit, collaborative tech community. The technology industry is the largest in the city, with projected growth to equal 10 billion in revenue by 2030. The great thing about this is that there is a ton of support and programs in place to ensure that the doors to tech are open to everybody. Truly, the tech job market in Vic is an inclusive, exciting, and inviting place to grow professionally and personally! Much of this awesome landscape can be credited to VIATEC.

Viatec exists  to “cultivate the most cohesive tech community in the world by providing resources to tackle shared opportunities and challenges while boosting a sense of belonging and shaping our region.” One of the excellent ways they do this is through their annual Discover Tectoria event. Over 75 different tech companies come together for this one-day event, allowing for students, prospective employees, or just members of the community who are interested in learning more about tech to do so under one roof! It is a phenomenal opportunity to network and meet the people of Victoria’s tech scene.

We had the pleasure of attending this year, and our team was able to meet many who were looking to learn more about our culture here at AOT! We also brought along our Mercedes F1 Car Simulator to show how we use data to identify areas of weakness, potential growth opportunities and develop useful, specific reporting that can be translated into actionable insights that can transform any organization’s performance.

It was a great day! Thank you to Viatec and thank you to all that visited our booth!