AOT Working with California-based API Threat Detection Experts Salt Security

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Team AOT worked with Salt Security’s engineering team to build a WSO2 plugin that will capture and then forward a mirror of the customer’s API traffic to their product.

The plugin is the key enabler for their product which provides context-based security for APIs. This is achieved by combining holistic coverage and an ML/AI-drive big data engine. This solution is designed to be generic so that it will allow Salt Security to tailor the traffic collection integration for its customers. This is done to ensure that every WSO2 architecture/topology will be deployed with the right and easiest integration possible.

As of April 2021, the WSO2 plugin has been built and successfully handed off to the Salt Security team. Salt Security is currently in the process of implementing it in their customer environment. Team AOT’s diligence in building such a high-quality plugin within a tight timeline has been well received by the team at Salt Security and we are already looking to the future and a project to develop a similar plugin for other API management products like TIBCO Mashrey, Axway, etc.

About Salt Security

Salt Security delivers an API Threat Protection solution focused on securing the ubiquitous APIs connecting everything from web and mobile applications to microservices and IoT devices. These are the APIs that you develop and own and are at the core of connecting your applications and data.