AOT Technologies and Intelense Inc. Join Forces to Build Next Generation Video Analytics for Security Threat Mitigation

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VICTORIA, B.C. (June 16, 2020) – Intelense and AOT Technologies today announced they have entered into a long-term strategic partnership. The partnership will enable both companies to build a next generation and future ready suite of video analytics solutions to be used in the worldwide mitigation of safety and security threats.

AOT Technologies Intelense

AOT Technologies’ customers will benefit immensely from the integration of advanced artificial intelligence solutions into video analytics platforms, turning streaming video data into valuable and actionable information. This is a fast growing segment of the global economy with applications across a variety of industries in North America and around the world.

Powered with Intelense Inc.’s proprietary KEN technology, existing customers will not require any additional changes to their existing infrastructure, thus saving valuable financial resources. When deployed, the solution can process video frames using existing DVR Systems, IP cameras and / or IoT cameras to identify security threats.

“AOT Technologies is a company that started with humble beginnings and has quickly grown into one of British Columbia’s fastest growing companies. In Intelense Inc., we saw a partner that could deliver a unique set of artificial intelligence solutions that are customized to the individual client’s needs. With Intelense Inc.’s technology, we will be able to expand our product offering while continuing to stay ahead of the industry curve.”


– George Philip, Direct and Co Founder, AOT Technologies


“Intelense Inc, has been rapidly growing  over the last 12 months with clients from both Canada and around the world interested in our artificial intelligence solutions for security threat mitigation applications. This partnership with AOT Technologies is extremely important and a validation of our product’s strength – it will help us deploy to a larger reach of customers, while continuing to innovate. AOT Technologies has a stellar reputation in the marketplace and we can think of no better partner.”


– Dinesh Prasanna, CEO and Founder, Intelense    


No financial details have been disclosed.

About AOT Technologies:

Founded in 2011, AOT Technologies is an award winning business intelligence and technology company. In 2019, the company was ranked #7 in Canada and #1 in British Columbia in the Growth 500 (Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies) for the category of Information Technology. The company has worked on a wide variety of projects, spanning provincial and local governments, private sector and startup enterprises. AOT Technologies is headquartered in Victoria, B.C. with fast-growing global operations.

About Intelese Inc.:

Intelense Inc., is a Canadian artificial intelligence and data analytics start-up company with a mission to create a safer world by mitigating security threats. Founded in 2018 and supported by IBM’s tech accelerator and VentureLab, Intelense Inc. has created a video analytics solution using artificial intelligence with the purpose of saving lives by minimizing and eliminating human error. The company has been rapidly growing with customers both in Canada and abroad.


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