AOT Team Celebrates First Major Milestone of FOI Project

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From working remotely to celebrating in person, AOT team members and staff from the BC Ministry of Citizens’ Services got together to celebrate a major milestone in AOT’s work on a multiyear freedom-of-information project.

Back row left to right: Jacklyn Harrietha, Aparna S, Sumathi Thirumani, Matthew Prodan (Ministry), Loren Mullane (Ministry), Arielle Andrews (Ministry), Nicholas Kan, Jad Saad, Vineet Balachandran, Abin Antony. Front row: Richard Qi, Divya Viswanath, Molly Pilchar (Ministry).

A major project for AOT has passed its first milestone, and a chance to celebrate brought together many team members in person for the first time.

AOT’s team on the BC government’s freedom-of-information modernization project started work in May 2021, when pandemic restrictions were still in place, so along with other team members I’ve been working remotely.

AOT is leveraging its solution to help advance the project, which is designed to put in place improved processes to speed up and streamline responses to freedom-of-information requests.

After the major release of FOI Flow 2.1 it was decided to bring everyone together on both the AOT side and the Ministry of Citizens’ Services, which is in charge of the project. AOT made sure two team members from Ontario and one from Vancouver could make it to the celebrations last month at Victoria’s Sticky Wicket Pub and Restaurant.

We played darts, had some great conversations with each other, and every team member was awarded and appreciated for the achievements and efforts they’ve put on the project.

It was great seeing everyone in person, and here’s to the future stages of this challenging and exciting project!

About the Author

Aparna S is an application developer who has worked for AOT Technologies since 2016. Besides her work on the BC government’s freedom-of-information modernization project she’s worked extensively on AOT’s YepDesk platform and Kapixi project. In her free time she likes to go swimming or dancing and she likes to travel as well.