WWDC 2019

WWDC 2019: First Look of iOS 13 Revealed

The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2019 was held from June 3rd to June 7th during which the company

The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2019 was held from June 3rd to June 7th during which the company announced a few surprising developments including the 3rd Gen Mac Pro, macOS Catalina, tvOS 13, watchOS 6, the Apple Pro Display XDR and of course the new version of Apple’s flagship mobile operating system – iOS 13.

It’s just been a few weeks after WWDC 2019 and we already have the iOS 13 public beta. The new version of the popular platform is expected to be launched by mid-September with the new iPhone. In this blog, we will be checking out a few of the most exciting features of iOS 13.

Let’s get started.

QuickPath Keyboard

The existing QuickType keyboard now gets a twin with a different purpose in the form of a new QuickPath keyboard in iOS 13. The new swipe keyboard is similar to Google Gboard; it now allows users to swipe from letter to letter across the keyboard to form words instead of typing words. Both keyboards are conveniently interchangeable but currently only supports a few languages namely English, French, German, Chinese, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

‘Find My’ Feature

iOS 13 combines ‘Find My iPhone’ and ‘Find My Friends’ in a single, more streamlined app with which users can locate people and devices important to them. This ‘Find My’ feature also allows one to locate missing devices even if they are not connected to Wi-Fi or cellular data by using crowd-sourced location.

For instance, if a user loses his/her Apple device, he/she can mark the device as missing. If another Apple device is nearby the device marked ‘Missing’, the former can detect the latter’s presence via the latter’s Bluetooth signal and report the location to the owner of the missing device. The feature is fully anonymous and encrypted end-to-end.

Dark Mode

iOS 13 has been confirmed to feature Dark Mode – a much awaited UI tweak that gives both the operating system and its apps a dark color scheme. The Dark mode for iOS is designed to grant immersive experiences even on low-light environments. An API enables app developers to implement Dark mode in their iOS apps as well. The Dark mode can also be scheduled to ‘auto-activate’ at a certain time; say on sunrise or sunset.

A More Natural Voice for Siri

In iOS 13, Siri will have an improved, more natural software-generated voice particularly while speaking long phrases. Siri will also be smarter on the OS version featuring a new capability to play music, podcasts, audiobooks and radio even with third-party apps. The voice assistant will also feature an Indian English voice.

Improved Performance

With each new version, iOS obviously gets better. Sticking to the norm, iOS 13 claims to be a significantly better performer compared to its predecessor. App launch in iOS 13 is close to 2x faster. Face Unlock feature will be up to 30% faster in the upcoming iOS version.

Optimized Charging

iOS 13 features a new intriguing option that can essentially slow the rate of battery aging by reducing the time iPhone spends fully charged. The OS works with an on-device machine learning algorithm to learn the Apple user’s phone charging routine so it can wait to finish charging past 80% of the battery until the user needs to use the device.

Enterprise Features

iOS 13 comes with a number of features that would benefit enterprises; one of which being the User Enrollment option designed specifically for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). The option helps maintain user privacy while keeping corporate data protected. There is another feature to easily manage Apple IDs for businesses. Apple IDs used by employees can be created and managed; giving them access to iCloud Notes, iCloud Drive and other Apple services.

Gaming Support

With iOS 13, users can use PlayStation 4 controller with their iPhones. The upgraded OS also supports Xbox Wireless Controller connectivity via Bluetooth.

Privacy & Security Enhancements

iOS 13 grants users better control over the location data that they pass to apps i.e. the user will be able to grant an app access to their location data anytime they use the app or just once. Users can now also control whether they share their location when sharing photos on social media.

Upgraded Maps

Apple finally seems to have taken note of people’s preference for Google Maps and its unique functionalities as the iOS 13 will reportedly feature a revamped Maps app built from the ground up. The brand new iOS map features more realistic details for roads, beaches, buildings, parks etc.

There is also an option for users to explore the location they are about to go with an immersive 3D experience within the app itself. The feature gives a 360 degree view of the place. The app also allows users to share their ETA with friends, family and coworkers. Siri-assisted navigation and CarPlay experience have also been improved.

Augmented Reality

AR, along with VR, is probably the most buzzing technology in the world today, and iOS 13 makes good use of the technology. The new version of the OS comes with Motion Capture support that allows developers to integrate people’s movement into their apps. AR content appears either in front of or behind people naturally, enabling memorable AR experiences.

Mail Enhancements

iOS 13’s Mail offers multicolored removable email flags that are synced via iCloud to Mail on all Apple devices. The app also features an extended Reply menu and desktop-class text formatting and attachment options to compose professional-looking emails on the go.


iOS 13 supports the latest Wi-Fi standard from Wi-Fi Alliance – WPA3 providing a more secure browsing experience. The iPhone also automatically connects to nearby personal hotspot when there is no internet connection.

Editable Voice Memos

There is now a pinch to zoom feature to zoom in on the waveform allowing users to edit voice recordings with more precision.


The list goes on, and we managed to cover only just a few interesting features. When the OS update is formally launched in September this year, we may see these features enhanced beyond what we know right now.

iOS 13 also brings better opportunities for businesses in the form of iOS 13-compatible apps.


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