UI Design Trends 2019

UI Design Trends That Will Turn Heads in 2019

With a new year around the corner, mobile app developers around the world would be gearing up to

With a new year around the corner, mobile app developers around the world would be gearing up to meet and overcome new challenges, and augment their skills. Generally, app developers will be keeping an eye on new technologies to figure out techniques that could help them develop applications better and faster.

Amidst all the excitement, while researching new technologies that influence app development, developers tend to forget about the one major aspect that helps an app succeed in its humble beginning in an app store – intuitive UI.

A mobile app doesn’t stand a great chance to be successful in a highly competitive marketplace. It needs to be unique when it comes to serving its purpose, and users should simply have a great time using the app. After all, first impression is what helps an app gain traction in the store. Thousands of apps in the Google Play Store disappear into oblivion in on a daily basis; a major reason for this being the lack of a good UI.

That said, here are a few UI design trends that developers should keep in mind in 2019.

Illustrations for user engagement

Content is still the king when it comes to user engagement. And content can take many forms. New trends suggest the use of illustrations instead of bland text content to convey messages to app users and keep them engaged. The idea is to tell stories using images and videos. Meaningful illustrations that provide information of value to users can impress them more than a plain text guide. Illustrations, used wisely, can transform a regular app into a vibrant one resulting in a great first impression.

Overlapping effect and gradients

Overlaps create a structured user interface adorned with colors, text or image. Due to the fact that displays have better color production today, there was a significant increase in the use of gradients in mobile app UIs. Elements with gradients make things look more natural. We will certainly see more app developers utilize overlapping effects with bold colors and gradients in 2019.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) made it to this list because it shows great promise. We saw AR making itself known this year as one of the hottest app development trends. We will be seeing VR do the same in 2019 as more VR devices keep getting introduced to the market and made available at reasonable price tags. VR enhances user interfaces in a way that would intrigue people to check out the app once and keep on using the app for the unique experience.


It’s not just the colors and images that should be given attention in a user interface. The font matters as well. An appealing font for a heading or description can tempt users to go through the text. Typography can complement a good narrative adding to the user experience. While the text style catches the attention of app users, narrative illustrations engage them. This way they won’t miss important info that a brand wants them to see. Typography and unique text styles would play a key role in app user interfaces in 2019.

Frameless screens

This year, there was a rather strange app design trend that turned many heads – frameless screens. Many designers went with an app design that doesn’t have frames, and the responses from users were positive. Despite the good start, not all designers were willing to take the risk of using frameless screens in apps this year.

But now that mobile phone manufacturers have started coming forward with frameless smartphones, more app designers can be expected to adapt to new trends and try out ‘frameless’ screens in 2019. Many modern devices also have curved edges that naturally impose design restrictions including sharp edge elements. Frameless screens can shine here creating a fresh look and a unique experience for mobile users. Its applications in both mobile app design and web app design makes this trend one of the best design trends in 2019.

Voice-assisted UI

Advancements in AI and Machine Learning have helped chatbots and communication assistants become the most popular trends in 2018. Many websites and mobile applications have also started using voice communication to enhance user experience. As bots and voice interfaces become common, app developers will be thinking more about leveraging voice-assisted user interfaces to serve multiple different purposes in an app, delivering a more interactive experience to users.


For the app development industry, 2019 will be about innovative combinations of a number of great app design and development trends. There will be a renewed emphasis on designers’ knowledge on new trends and techniques. As always AOT keeps ourselves updated on all new app design & development trends so our clients can get the best of new technologies.

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