Top In-demand IoT Skills Enterprises Will Need Today

The Internet of Things (IoT) is all set to transform the way businesses operate in the coming years.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is all set to transform the way businesses operate in the coming years. A worldwide system of devices connected to each other means new, exciting ways of searching for information and new forms of entertainment. The impact of IoT on B2B industries is a whole another picture, with several surveys and analyses predicting significant shift in financial stats.

A market analysis by Boston Consulting Group showed that B2B spending on IoT technologies, solutions, and apps alone is expected to cross $260 billion globally by 2020 which is just two years away. The change is apparently rapid and inevitable.

This and many other research indicate dominance of IoT very soon, tempting businesses today to demand various IoT skills. In this blog, we will take a look at the most in-demand IoT skills in the marketplace.

Machine Learning

It’s no surprise that machine learning is at the top of the list of IoT skills in demand today. Complex machine learning algorithms are the pride of many businesses. The technology essentially lets them get something valuable out of all the data the business generates.

It’d be doing the same in the IoT context as well. A great number of connected IoT devices would obviously generate tremendous amounts of data. Competent businesses, regardless of their industries, would want to identify actionable insights from this data. This is where machine learning comes in. So people with machine learning skills would be a big asset for businesses, as it makes them capable of building algorithms that allow AI-driven systems to be adaptive to change depending on the data presented, by extracting actionable insights.


Cybersecurity has always been important. It became top priority for many industries globally after the 2016 incident where millions of IoT devices got infected with a malware which consequently resulted in a mass internet outage. This also gave rise to serious concerns about security of IoT devices. This incident won’t be the last attempt that exploits IoT device vulnerabilities.

As more IoT devices are developed, the likelihood of security breaches also increases. Despite the fact that the benefits of IoT outweigh security concerns, enterprises still demand professionals with skill and experience in security engineering and infrastructure. Cybersecurity would be a valued skill in the coming times.


Cloud has always been in the picture, and a great number of organizations now operate on the cloud. The cloud has overshadowed almost every other technology that existed before, which means people who have mastered cloud computing and how an efficient cloud infrastructure and service augments a business are considered top-tier resources in an organization.

The primary role of cloud in an IoT ecosystem is associated with the data generation capabilities of the system. As mentioned above, IoT device generate tons of data that can be analyzed for insights. One challenge arises when storing such volumes of data, and cloud is the answer. Even large organizations opt for a partial cloud model to offset the utilization of their servers.

However, utilizing cloud platforms in an effective way that fits in with the business environment is a challenge in itself. Managed cloud services can be of great help in such scenarios. But most enterprises prefer someone skilled in that aspect in house. The demand is for the skill in handling top cloud-based solutions like Amazon’s AWS or Microsoft’s Azure to effectively store, process, and analyze data from IoT devices. As of now, outsourcing cloud resource management or crafting a custom cloud solution that meets enterprise needs is considered a feasible and beneficial option.

NoSQL database

The integration of IoT data into back-end infrastructures is a critical task presenting one more challenge to enterprises. While cloud handles the storage and handling of the data, an organization would still need adaptable NoSQL databases for such integrations.

A NoSQL (non-relational) database offers the mechanism that an enterprise would need to store and retrieve data in a different model unlike relational databases that use tabular relations. There are alternatives but at present NoSQL databases seem to provide the most effective solution for enterprises. This popularity of NoSQL databases is one major reason that contributes to the rising demand for the skill with said databases.

Visualization of IoT data

Data collected by IoT devices is nothing if they aren’t effectively visualized. Unearthing valuable insights is one thing. But accurately presenting the findings and correlation between the data is instrumental for data-driven IoT. For an enterprise, in-house professionals with cloud, NoSQL, and IoT data visualization skills can make all the difference in today’s competitive digital arena.

SMBs today seem to prefer popular digital solutions like Tableau Software to implement effective visualization of their IoT data with an appealing interface. Such UX-friendly visualization solutions allow IoT analysts and other experts in data-driven roles to identify the data that are valuable to their specific business functions. Combined with useful BI (Business Intelligence) mechanisms, they will be able to make sense of this data enough to dig deeper and uncover knowledge that can support decision-making. This is why advanced expertise and skill in Tableau are demanded by organizations today.


At present, there is clearly a shortage of qualified IoT talent while the technology itself gains momentum across the globe. The skills mentioned in this blog will earn even more demand in the coming years, with higher paychecks as more businesses begin to invest in the Internet of Things. The technology cements faster routes to complete digital transformation and success of an enterprise.

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