If your business did a fair amount of research on app development and app development solutions, you may have heard of RMADs. RMADs or Rapid Mobile App Development solutions claim to be code-free alternatives to creating original mobile apps. They often feature a drag-and-drop interface allowing users to easily develop mobile apps by dragging and dropping things they want that the RMAD provides.

The highlight is that RMAD is a quite fast, code-free approach to building apps. The catch is that it’s not easy to create a truly custom app with RMAD.

That said, there are businesses that rely on RMAD under certain specific circumstances. Most of those businesses are unaware of the major limitations of RMAD, and see it as an easy way to get functioning apps that can potentially serve their purpose.

This blog lists a few major constraints of Rapid Mobile App Development so businesses thinking of going for it can make informed decisions.

No expert opinion

With RMAD, putting together an app interface is a cakewalk. All it takes is an in-house team and some time to build an entire app. However, businesses should make sure that their in-house team for RMAD has the expertise required to completely develop an app.

Compared to RMAD, hiring a professional app developer would cost more. But doing it yourself means the app’s design and functions will reflect only your own expertise and knowledge. Unless your team is well aware of the latest UI/UX design trends and development practices, your rapidly-developed app would simply be a technology that most likely won’t make a difference to your organization’s progression towards the digital economy.

Professional developers come with a boatload of experience and knowledge taking various factors influencing app development into account including competition, best niche UX elements, best on-demand features and trends etc.

Limited branding customizability

People spend a lot of time on their mobile devices which emphasizes why businesses should brand their services on mobile to make the best first impression and cultivate app user base. This requires a lot of customization where the app is essentially given a facelift to reflect the brand it represents.

If you are relying on RMAD, customizing the app to meet your branding standards won’t be easy. Limited customizability and limited control over design and functionality are what you get for a faster, low-cost app development approach. You may also find that the app doesn’t meet the graphics standards of your other assets like, for instance, your website.

Inefficient integrations

The best enterprise-grade mobile apps seamlessly integrate with various other platforms that a business uses. That’s why mobile apps offer many great functionalities – properly registering the email addresses provided by users, reflecting the purchases made on the business’ online store automatically, communicating with other platforms of the business etc.

When building an app with RMAD, you may not have access to the backend which means you likely won’t know how the app will interact with other systems of your business. We are not saying that all RMAD platforms are alike. Some of them may fail to integrate well with your existing infrastructure.

Lack of control over security

Apps built with RMAD solutions may not grant you full control over privacy settings and security configurations. RMAD platforms, though quite fast to use, may not always be intuitive as they claim to be and may compromise app security parameters.

For a business, storing and safeguarding the app users’ confidential data that they willingly entered into the app takes top priority. If the ‘rapidly-developed’ app doesn’t provide full control over the security mechanisms, there could exist a number of unaddressed security holes that pose a risk to the confidential data that the app is expected to handle.

Even if a secure RMAD platform is used, you still may not have full control over bugs and security patches, and will likely miss security vulnerabilities that can be easily exploited. One good solution would be to seek services from a reputed cloud-based data holding center. Or you can simply hire a professional app development team that can give you better control over app security measures and keep your app’s security regularly updated.


RMAD is a quick solution for faster procurement of a functioning mobile app. But it is not a great choice for businesses that require a number of apps to perform various different functions. You should know by now that there are tradeoffs. And these tradeoffs could hurt your business in its journey through a highly competitive market. Going for a professional app development team minimizes tradeoffs like this albeit at a slightly bigger investment.

If you are looking for budget-friendly app development, you are in the right place. Get in touch with us to know the kind of app we can build for you.

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