A long while back, the main objective of mobile app developers was to develop apps that would attract more users resulting in increased app downloads i.e. the success of an app then was defined by the number of downloads. Today, however, things have changed. An app’s success is measured by taking several other factors into account.

The present app market gives users a large number of options when it comes to apps that can perform a specific task the users are searching for. They can download a number of apps that perform the same functions, try each of them, and keep one of them. This behavior significantly impacts the economy of a mobile app development company. The companies have to surpass their competitors first if their app is to succeed in the market.

Under these conditions, the only great approach to stay ahead of the curve is to have a strategy in place to retain existing customers rather than investing more resources into attracting new customers.

That said, here are a few tips to make sure an app’s customers don’t discard an app.

Ensure a smooth onboarding experience

App onboarding is where users are introduced to an app. For starters, it should be enticing enough for users to consider downloading and using the app. The next step is to provide those users with a solid experience while they explore the app. If there is a long sign-up procedure to use the app, it may irk users who might then decide to ditch the app for a more convenient alternative. Frictionless onboarding is key to retaining new app users.

Use push notifications wisely

No matter how great the app was designed or how well it performs, developers shouldn’t take things for granted. The development team will have to put an effort into encouraging users to keep using the app. One of the best ways to do this is by using push notifications diligently.

Push notifications can be used to notify users that they haven’t opened the app in a while or that they have offers waiting for them when they log into the app next time. The notifications should be personalized and should not be sent endlessly till the user comes back.

Frequent updates

Releasing app updates frequently is another way to retain mobile app users. The updates can add more features to the app that users would want, or enhance the user experience. The objective is to keep the users interested and engaged either by adding new elements to the app or by upgrading the existing ones. The updates should be made after extensive analysis of usage patterns, user behavior, and their feedback.


App developers should be aware that their competition would be doing the same to retain users of their apps. It all comes down to the mobile app user retention strategy that the development company implements and the priorities of that strategy.

All of this requires expertise and experience in app development and marketing. AOT possesses both. Let us know if we can help your business launch a mobile app that can stand the test of time. Talk to our experts today.