The role of technology in 21st century is indubitably large enough to influence people’s livelihood and their day-to-day activities. Everything from mobile devices to desktops, tablets, smart refrigerators, and microwaves collectively emphasize how technology in various forms is reshaping the world continuously. This vast expansiveness of technology also generates tremendous amounts of data.

On a daily basis, close to 3 quintillion bytes of data are generated globally. As mobile and other hyped technologies like the Internet of Things gain more momentum, even more data will be generated. Organizations aiming to stay ahead of the curve in a tech-dominated world looks at all these data to unlock the secrets that would help them achieve their full potential. This may sound like a sci-fi/fantasy movie plot, but this is where data stand today in the world – massive sets of random information that hide within them invaluable insights.

Getting the most out of the data an organization generates require the right tools to clean, prepare, merge, and analyze the data efficiently.

That said, here are a few great data analytics tools that organizations can take advantage of this year.


For web analytics today, enterprises rely on Google Analytics, considered to be the best web analytics solution available. Clicktale is basically an emerging rival to Google Analytics. The platform offers behavioral analysis and a multitude of optimization features and tools designed to help enterprises augment their websites.


A powerful yet easy-to-use analytics solution, Oribi allows organizations to track their website visitors’ flow. The solution shows how new visitors surf the website and how visitors interact with the various content on the website. Oribi is also capable of tracking specific goals by content type which includes everything from social media to videos and blog posts. It can also assess metrics like downloads, signups, unique views etc.

The main highlight however is Oribi’s ‘smart suggestion’ engine which identifies website visitor flow patterns and recommends ‘events’ based on the identified patterns. The tool requires no manual setup to track micro-conversions unlike its most other rivals.


Data aren’t used simply to improve operational performance of an organization and make informed decisions alone. Data drive modern marketing efforts as well. Kissmetrics is the brainchild of marketing expert Neil Patel, offering a feature-rich analytics solution that helps organizations devise better marketing strategies and improve customer engagement. The solution easily integrates with many popular tools and provides a deep marketing funnel-based analytics.


As its name suggests, SEMRush is a very popular online marketing suite offering analytics tools specializing in search. SEMRush includes tools that will aid search engine optimizers in performing audits and developing better keyword and SEO strategies.

In addition, SEMRush also makes it possible for organizations to assess the status and success of their paid search campaigns with respect to the organic keyword performance. One of the most useful features of the suite is that it offers analytics for any site on the web which means competitor analysis is much easier.

Though understanding your company’s data is important to thrive in today’s dynamic market conditions, it’s never easy to find the right tool for the job. When that’s the case, a feasible approach is to build a powerful, bespoke analytics solution from scratch – one that can handle big data the right way. If you are seeking such a solution, AOT can give it to you. Drop us your queries on data analytics to hear back from our experts.

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