Developing custom enterprise web applications with select features used to be a pretty heavy investment a decade ago. In addition, getting the software’s user experience right demanded considerable amount of time and money. Not many organizations were willing to make such an investment. But over the years, mostly due to technological advancements, the software industry underwent a revolutionary transformation.

Now any organization can get a bespoke enterprise-grade web application developed with all the right features after choosing the most fitting technologies. Among all those technologies, the most popular would be Microsoft’s ASP.NET – a cross-platform framework resulting from a combination of an MVC structure and a Web API. Its latest iteration, the ASP.NET Core 2.1, features support for real-time web applications and comes with a number of great features that facilitate faster and more secure web development. Above all that, ASP.NET is open source.

Here are a few of those features that reinforce ASP.NET Core 2.1’s value when it comes to web app development today.


Working with HTTPClient in production software is not an easy task for developers. But with HTTPClientFactory, it will be much easier for them to create and register HTTPClient instances. The instances can be added as a service and operated on via the HTTPClientFactory interface. This is a pretty straightforward feature that hastens the development of larger applications without compromising any important aspect.

The SignalR Library

SignalR is ASP.NET Core 2.1’s open source library that aids developers in adding real-time web functionality to web applications. SignalR comes with APIs for Remote Procedure Calls (RPC) creation, connections grouping, authorization, connection management etc. It also enables bi-directional communication between the client and the server.


The ASP.NET Core 2.1 comes with HTTPS set as default thus streamlining the HTTPS settings in production. The SDK will prompt developers to add installed certificates to the machine’s trusted certificate root. HTTPS will then work seamlessly while debugging is managed locally.

Razor UI Class Library

Like the name suggests, the Razor UI class library is present in ASP.NET Core 2.1 to improve the User Interface in reusable class libraries. By incorporating Razor based UI in a library, the developers will be able to share it across multiple projects essentially making the development easier and hassle-free. For faster app launch, the Core 2.1 looks over the integration of Razor compilation with build processes.

GDPR Compliance

Modern websites should be equipped to handle a large amount of data which makes safeguarding visitors’ privacy a top priority for website/web app owners and developers. ASP.NET Core 2.1 was evidently designed with a focus on privacy requirements. With the framework, it is easier to ensure GDPR compliance enabling visitors to examine, edit, or delete their data from the web application.


Over the years, the software development industry was subject to a number of evolutions owing to the advent of new technologies and frameworks or refinements of the existing ones. But despite the increasing competition and changing development ecosystems, ASP.NET managed to retain its dominance in the sector. ASP.NET Core 2.1 again emphasizes that the popular Microsoft framework won’t be surpassed any time soon.

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