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SharePoint 2016 Hybrid Solutions

With the release of SharePoint 2016, Microsoft has empowered the SharePoint platform with a lot of fresh capabilities

With the release of SharePoint 2016, Microsoft has empowered the SharePoint platform with a lot of fresh capabilities for users, administrators and IT folks. The most important and noteworthy one is the Hybrid capability with Cloud integration. With the Hybrid approach, many organizations can now utilize on premise and cloud effectively to deliver some integrated solutions. Several organizations cannot opt for cloud integration as they are bound with many regulations and compliances which won’t allow them to keep contents in a multi-tenant cloud. The remaining have spent lots of money and time to build complex solutions which are hosted in SharePoint on premise environment. Since such companies cannot afford to redesign these solutions to run on cloud, they omit to integrate with cloud.

Refer the diagram below to understand the high level architecture for the implementation of SharePoint hybrid and the steps which show the data flow at each stage.

As depicted in the screenshot below, Hybrid features are greatly improved in Microsoft SharePoint 2016 with easy steps for setup. Now, let’s discuss about the hybrid features

  1. Hybrid Configuration

    It’s very easy to configure hybrid environment with SharePoint 2013 or SharePoint 2013. You just have to download the Hybrid Picker on a SharePoint 2016 server, and start the installation. During the installation process, you need to provide your SharePoint 2016 farm and Office 365 Global administrator’s credentials to set up the hybrid environment successfully.

  1. Hybrid Search

    Hybrid search is an impressive feature. By using the cloud search service, this feature allows you to access the files of on premise SharePoint and push them to the online environment. 

    As a result, you can now search and display content from both environments.

  1. Hybrid for OneDrive business

    In a hybrid environment, if a user clicks on OneDrive or Sites in the top navigation, He/She would be redirected to the Office 365. Here OneDrive allows you to store, share and collaborate all documents. Sites contain all the details of a user profile.

  1. App Launcher

    If both the sites and OneDrive are configured in a hybrid environment, the Hybrid App Launcher links will be added along with other tiles in an on-premise environment

  1. Hybrid for Business to Business

    This is a remarkable feature which is added in the hybrid environment. By providing members-only privileges, this feature allows SharePoint online to contain both Intranet and Extranet sites that are being shared with business partners. Just by sending an invitation, you can now easily allow them to access the intranet.

    Along with these features, there are many others that are greatly improved in SharePoint 2016.By adopting a hybrid approach, you can be benefitted in many ways like

  • seamless integration
  • costeffectiveness
  • stable infrastructure with security etc.Based on your requirements, you can choose the suitable hybrid model to implement next generation solutions.Doubts? Queries? We would love to hear from you!

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