Enterprise App Development Myths

Reviewing the Biggest Enterprise App Development Myths

The rapid progress of technologies brought forth powerful mobile devices and high performance mobile applications. Software itself evolved

The rapid progress of technologies brought forth powerful mobile devices and high performance mobile applications. Software itself evolved to better versions with incredible data mining and analytical capabilities. Along with such advancements, modern businesses also have to face dynamic market conditions where every day becomes a struggle to progress further in the market.

Where businesses stand today in terms of mobility

Business operations today require a higher level of precision and adaptive capabilities, both of which mobile apps can provide. This also explains the rise in demand for enterprise mobile apps that serve enterprises both internally and externally.

Most enterprises realize that they need expert help to leverage mobile apps effectively. Some of them are only into mobile apps because their peers are adopting the technology. They just need to keep up with the competition, and don’t have thoughts about staying ahead of the curve with a great mobile app. Apps can certainly grant a competitive edge to enterprises. But when utilized properly, they can lay a solid foundation for enterprises to achieve accelerated growth. But this requires them to take a lot of factors into account.

Despite the known benefits of enterprise mobility solutions, many enterprises are still reluctant to implement mobile technology and rely on apps. A major reason for this is the existence of a lot of myths and misconceptions associated with using apps for businesses and mobile app development in general.

Let’s deep dive into a few major enterprise app misconceptions that can negatively impact the growth of businesses in the long run.

  1. Mobile technology at present cannot handle complex business operations under changing market conditions.

Many companies have the wrong notion that they need to keep waiting for mobile technology to mature enough to handle their complex business challenges. The cloud and other new-gen technologies like AI and ML are dominating today, and modern mobile apps are fully capable of leveraging them for enterprises. With such technologies, only mobility can help enterprises achieve the heightened precision they desire.

Enterprises, however, misunderstand the fact and believe that apps are only convenient to improve user experience and retain loyalty. On the contrary, apps can now learn from the data fed to it to arm enterprises with the knowledge and proficiency to progress further in their markets.

  1. Enterprise app development is costly and unaffordable for SMBs.

This is true to a certain extent. But the cost of developing an app depends on what’s required of the app. If it’s a high-end app with several functionalities and features, and powerful analytical capabilities, the cost of developing one would be obviously higher.

The thing is that mobile apps are worth investing in today, owing to their potential benefits and due to the fact that they won’t be able to keep up in the long run. With almost every business leveraging mobility, it won’t be easy for a business to catch up with that kind of progress without relying on mobility. Even smaller to medium-sized businesses can afford apps today to serve certain specific purposes.

  1. Too much dependency on mobile apps will lead to security issues.

Many businesses tend to believe that mobile app security has many vulnerabilities that can be exploited, and depending on an app too much is like painting a target on them. It all depends on how well built the app is and who built it. Capable developers leave no security gaps in enterprise apps.

With secure cloud services now accessible, the app can be run on a cloud server from a reliable service provider which pretty much fortifies the app completely from potential security threats and risks.

  1. Mobile apps are optional

In today’s market conditions, apps are most certainly not an option or a luxury anymore. They are a necessity. The proliferation of mobile devices today presents great opportunities for businesses. Enterprises can personally reach out to their target audience on their mobile devices via apps, and entice them to check out the brand’s products or services and make purchases, reward them for their loyalty, and build good relationships.

Internally, enterprise apps can facilitate collaboration between the personnel of various departments of the enterprise, streamline and automate tedious business tasks, reduce overall expenses, and improve overall workforce productivity.


Despite the myths surrounding enterprise mobility, the demand for mobile apps by enterprises still seems to be rising. A plethora of success stories and business case studies testify what mobile apps can do for enterprises. To conclude, apps are the key to a better future for enterprises operating online today. And they should be built by people who know what they are doing.

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