Reducing Mobile App Development Cost

Reducing The Cost of Mobile App Development The Right Way

Mobile applications’ accessibility at any time anywhere led people to rely on mobile apps more, resulting in the

Mobile applications’ accessibility at any time anywhere led people to rely on mobile apps more, resulting in the massive growth of the mobile app development industry. This trend also presented lucrative opportunities for businesses as they started investing in mobile apps that increase business exposure, improve brand awareness and customer loyalty.

With mobile apps, customers interact with brands in a personal space thus enhancing brand value. Though a mobile app is worth the investment for a business, high app development costs often deter them. Mobile app development doesn’t have to be expensive. All you need to do is take the right measures to significantly reduce development costs. Of course there are many ways you can reduce development costs but most of them demands a sacrifice in app quality.

That said, here are a few ways to reduce the right way i.e. without compromising on quality of the app.

Plan the app development process

Most businesses often neglect the importance of efficiently planning the entire development process. App development is a complex process that may require a lot of iterations and modifications before the app is ready to offer the best user experience while serving its purpose. Without proper planning, each iteration can increase the cost of development. By planning way ahead of development, you can choose just the right features your app needs to make it stand out and deliver a great experience. This means lesser iterations and faster development.

Sketch the final version of the app

While the quality and success rate of an app depends on how efficiently it’s coded, the developer should still be aware of what is expected of the app, how it will be used and how it can stand out from its competitors. To make things easier, you can roughly sketch the final version of the app including its interface before coding begins so the developers can use this as a starting point.

This way the development team can come up with the most appropriate design of the interface and the workflow that match the sketch. This subsequently prevents unnecessary design modifications and reworks thus reducing cost.

Choose the right platform for the app

You can have an app developed for the most popular mobile platforms like iOS, Android and Windows. But if you want to reduce development costs, it’s better to stick to just a single platform. To choose the right platform for the app, you should first understand your customer base. A good rule of thumb is to go for the platform that’s being used by the majority of your brand’s customers. Another good alternative is to invest in cross-platform app development – a budget-friendly approach to launch your app on all major platforms.

Outsource the project

While many businesses see outsourcing of app development as a means of losing control over the development, many others rely on outsourcing to cut down development costs. When outsourcing the project, you hire developers and pay them by the hour. In-house teams, on the other hand, will require fixed salaries that don’t take into account the number of hours they spent developing the project. Outsourcing app development also gives you access to the expertise of proficient app developers with good track records.

Encourage thorough testing

Hastening app development simply for faster time-to-market is not always a good idea especially when testing is also not properly done. This may result in damaged brand reputation and increased development costs to fix issues that popped up after app launch. We recommend taking good time to thoroughly test the app’s framework not only to identify issues and fix them before launch but also to ensure that the app delivers on its promises.

Partner with an expert mobile app development company

A mobile app leverages many technologies to serve users and to provide the best possible experience. Most of the time, utilizing trending technologies may not be economically feasible for businesses that want to develop their app themselves. So it’s a good idea to partner with app development companies with proven expertise in the most trending UI/UX and development technologies. This ensures a high quality, high-performance app that meets the expectations of today’s mobile users. If the company provides end-to-end app development services including design, promotions and marketing, it can’t get any better.


The mobile app development industry is a rapidly growing industry which means you can only go so far to reduce app development costs without compromising on quality. In this age, even the smallest of bugs can impact user experience which would in turn annoy customers enough to get the app uninstalled. To reduce costs without compromising on quality, expertise and experience are critical factors. AOT has both. Get in touch with our experts to make an app that will stand the test of time.