Mobile Apps Doomed to Fail

The Various Kinds of Mobile Apps Doomed to Fail

Apps doomed to fail? Do such apps exist? Isn’t the success of the app the result of great

Apps doomed to fail?

Do such apps exist? Isn’t the success of the app the result of great code quality and marketing?

Yes and No.

Thousands of apps fail or become forgotten on a daily basis. Good coding and extensive marketing alone won’t ensure an app’s success. People and many businesses tend to see app as a technology they need, to reach out to their customers directly and increase sales.

Technically, an app is something more. It’s a program designed as a solution to a specific issue faced by users. To have a shot at becoming successful, apps would need to meet certain criteria. If they don’t, they are doomed to fail.

Let’s explore those apps that won’t have what it will take to soar high.

Apps that don’t address customer problems

As mentioned above, apps are supposed to address some problem that the targeted customers commonly encounter. Customers are even willing to pay for apps that address a particularly annoying problem they have been encountering for a while. If the app fails to do that, they’d simply consider the app a waste of memory and will start seeking better alternatives.

Apps built without an experienced team

This is debatable as there are exceptions. Some apps built by individuals often hit the jackpot in app stores, garnering a lot of downloads and making a name for itself. This is probably because these apps addressed some problems that a particular customer demographic had been facing. Either that or the apps provide some sort of addictive entertainment.

On a broader scale, apps that succeed are typically built by a team of experienced professionals after putting in a great amount of hard work and investing a lot of money and resources into development. Each phase of development is carried out by experienced professionals.

There would be qualified designers aware of the hottest design trends, and expert developers who determine the best technologies to use in the app. There would be testers ensuring that the app offers a solid UX without bugs. Individual minds work in a rhythm to mold a fully-functional app that has all the elements to make a name for itself.

Apps that are modified replicas of existing ones

Many developers often see potential in an existing app provided those apps are enhanced. They may build an app which offers the same function as the app that impressed them in the first place, and add a few more functionalities and features in it. This way, the new app would be deemed a better app than its counterpart. However, the new “enhanced” counterpart would most likely fail in the market.

Adding more functionalities to bestselling apps and releasing this “enhanced” app as a new brand to get all the business of the old one may seem like a solid strategy. The reason is that the users of those bestselling apps are simply used to that app and its features. A few extra features and functionalities in a new one may not intrigue them enough to discard the one they’ve been using. Loyalty is a factor that shouldn’t be neglected.


Building an app is a complicated task, as the app is meant to provide value, outpace competition, and solve specific problems of its target customers. It can fail in more ways than one if it’s simply built for profit.

Do you own an app? Does it stand out from the competition? How good is the app improving your business? Ask yourself these questions first. If you lack such an app, let the developers at AOT build one for you. Get in touch with us today.

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