Google I/O 2019

Major Highlights of Google I/O 2019

Google organizes the Google I/O event every year. This year, it was on May and the announcements from

Google organizes the Google I/O event every year. This year, it was on May and the announcements from the tech giant turned many heads as usual. The company evidently is sticking to their approach to implementing ‘smarter’ online services by leveraging Artificial Intelligence. Most of Google’s announcements can have a deep impact on a number of sectors including software and mobile application development.

Here are a few major highlights from this year’s Google I/O.

Google Search powered by Camera and featuring AR capabilities

The I/O 2019 keynote started with the company’s announcement to imbue AR capabilities into Google Search and also bringing Camera into the equation. This could mean a lot of things for businesses; particularly on their SEO front. Retaining customers and a great search engine presence would require them to embrace AR technologies as well.

Google Duplex on the web

The search engine giant introduced Google Duplex as an AI-powered voice assistant capable of making calls and conversing like humans. Everyone loved it but many criticized it for being only a mobile-only augmentation. Seems like Google heard the demand as the company announced Duplex on the web on the 2019 I/O. Voice-based web chats will be made available for car rentals and movie bookings in addition to restaurant bookings and hair-styling appointments.

Android Q Beta 3

Everyone expects Google to share something ‘Android’ on Google I/O. And they did reveal a few things about what Android Q Beta 3 will feature. The company revealed that a ‘dark’ theme would soon be made available for Android Q devices which can cut down battery utilization. Additionally, the ‘Smart Reply’ feature in Android Q will also be accessible within third-party messaging apps.

Project Mainline

Probably the most intriguing of Google’s projects, Project Mainline aims to update 12 core components in Android. These components were thought to impossible to update till now without a major software upgrade. In this year’s I/O 2019, Google shared the purpose behind launching Mainline which involves reducing the number of times users have to update an app and also to reduce the size of apps.

Real time on-device captioning for videos

One of the most exciting announcements made by Google this year at I/O 2019 is Live Caption; a feature that brings real-time on-device captioning for all types of media without an internet connection. Users watching offline YouTube videos and stored video content on their device will get live captions without a data network enabled.

Faster, uninterrupted app updates

Many businesses may have encountered the challenge of a declining app user base when they release mandatory updates for their apps. Google announced in the event that they have an in-app API update in the works that will allow users to update apps without leaving the app. This way, users will get uninterrupted services from their apps while the updates are taking place.


The Google I/O Event never fails to bring with it a number of changes in Google services, SEO and Android app development trends. It’s the same this year as well. The highlights mentioned in this blog are just a few that we picked out of our excitement.

If you are wondering about the impact of changing trends on your business and its mobile app, drop a message to the experts at AOT. We can help you understand how changing trends can be of benefit to business app development.