Web Apps Developing Cost

Factors that Influence the Cost of Developing Web Apps

The increasing number of smartphones and mobile devices accelerated the already phenomenal growth of mobile apps and the

The increasing number of smartphones and mobile devices accelerated the already phenomenal growth of mobile apps and the mobile app development industry. But even with the dominance of mobile apps, web applications still retain their role in generating more traffic for online businesses.

Web apps are still there

The proliferation of mobile devices led to a widespread development of mobile web apps. And mobile web apps succeeded even while regular mobile apps increased in numbers.

Back in 2015, a report by SimilarWeb on the State of Mobile Web US found that 56% of traffic to big websites is from mobile devices.

Over the next couple of years, mobile browsing grew exponentially subsequently increasing the demand for mobile web apps.

The fact that mobile app development can be quite costly brings up many questions, and one among them is regarding the cost of developing a mobile web app which is different from a standard mobile app.

The Cost of Web App Development

The cost of web app development depends on a number of factors.

  • Type of App & Platform of Choice: The nature of the app and its purpose should be enough for a capable web app development company to determine its complexity, development time and effort. Basic web apps with simple features are quite affordable. But enterprise-grade web apps can be expensive. The cost may vary depending on the complexity of the app and the platform it is built for.
  • Features: The choice of features also influence the cost of development. In a nutshell, the more complex the app, the more the features. The more the features, the more the development cost.
  • Web Development Partner: Choosing the right development partner is one of the biggest decisions of a business ready to invest in web application development. This factor significantly influences the development cost. As a matter of fact, the geographic location of the web development partner itself is a major factor. Greater cost savings is why many companies outsource software development to Asian countries.
  • Pricing Model: A web app development company normally provides two pricing model options to choose from, after carefully considering the project scope and requirements – Fixed Price model & Hourly Rates model. Before making a choice, a business should take into account their needs for the web app, the development time frame and the budget.
  • Post-Development Support: Many businesses have a wrong notion that a successful and timely launch of the application marks the end of a project. On the contrary, the app would most likely lose its momentum without adequate post-development support. The app may need an update or a fix while it operates online catering to many customers. In addition, the business owning the app would also incur infrastructure costs in the form of domain name registration, web hosting server and more.


All said and done, it should also be noted that it’s not easy to accurately estimate the development cost of a web application. A leading, experienced web application developer would be charging considerably more than a comparatively less-experienced developer. Many factors other than the ones in this blog may influence the development cost. Either way, extensive research would certainly help with the estimation of development costs.

If you are planning to build a web application, talk to the experts here at AOT and we will come up with a solution that fits your budget.

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