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Communicating Your App Idea to the Development Team the Right Way

It’s generally believed that the first major challenge for businesses when it comes to developing mobile apps is

It’s generally believed that the first major challenge for businesses when it comes to developing mobile apps is finding the right development company and the right development team. Though this is true, the next challenge determines the fate of the mobile app after its release – communicating the idea with the app developers.

Though there will be documentation involved which the development can team refer to during development, effective communication and collaboration ensures that the product meets the requirements and achieves success faster. If the idea of the app, its actual purpose, and expectations are not spelled out the right way to the developers, it may hinder the app development process and may also increase the estimated cost of development.

That said, let’s explore everything that app developers must get from their clients to deliver a product that meets or exceeds expectations.

Introduce your business briefly

The purpose here is to provide context to the developers. The developers need to know what kind of company requires the app, and what the company expects from the app. This would also help them figure out the target audiences and their demographics.

Compose the team

Once the feasibility check is done, the client can compose a team with qualified professionals for the project. The composition of the team depends on the size of the project, and the technologies that the app will be leveraging. The team comprising of project managers, programmers, back end developers, UI/UX designers, testers etc. should be aware of every detail regarding the app.

It’s best to meet the team in person and explain the matter. Two-way communication here is imperative, as the meeting also presents a great chance to see how the developers can get creative while also building a more personal relationship with them.

Segregate the project

Communicating directly with the development team also helps the client categorize the project into various categories, and segregate the categories into various segments subsequently. Each segment can then be discussed with the team periodically so as to determine effective development approaches. Because app development can get too complicated and long, segregation of the project can actually make a big difference. It’s also better than discussing the entire project in one go.

Beginning with the MVP

For most businesses wanting mobile apps to carry them further as soon as possible, a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is the way to go. The MVP is a fundamental version of the mobile application with just the most important features and functionalities present. More features can be added later, as the MVP’s main purpose is to access the market quicker and authenticate the app’s idea there.

The added benefit is that the MVP will get user feedback after its release, which can then be referred to improve the app with updates. The development team would be able to come up with the idea for MVP, while the client business can ensure that the MVP can find success in the market. The feedback can be discussed with the team in order to explore the ways to improve the app further.

Using flow charts to describe app functionalities

Using images, diagrams, and flow charts can be quite effective when describing the functionalities of the app to the development team. This would make things clearer to the team, including what the user will experience when he/she taps a function or uses a feature of the app.

It’s important to clarify the functions properly, and images and flowcharts mean the client won’t have to use elaborate descriptions for each functions. With a clear picture, the developers would also be able to come up with suggestions that could enhance an expected functionality.

Clarification on the quotation and project deadline

As budget is a vitally necessary factor when it comes to mobile application development, most companies right away ask the development team how much it would cost to build the app. The developers, on the other hand, would enquire about their client’s budget or how much they are willing to invest in the app so that they can provide a good quote.

The business would have to consider the project deadline, and communicate whether they are flexible with the deadline. If it’s a strict development schedule, it’s best to ask for an overview of their development plan and how the app would look like in the end within the budget.

User success stories

User success stories should also be a part of the client’s discussion with the development team, because these stories help understand the app’s target audience and their expectations from the app better. This would help the team add more features or improve existing ones, and provide a better experience to users. Additionally, the app marketing team can leverage user success stories to highlight app features and increase its value in the market.

Value the team’s work

The app development team needs to be occasionally appreciated for their hard work and effort to motivate them even further. This also helps establish a good, long-term relationship with the development company. Many businesses incentivize development teams throughout the development cycle, leading developers to put their best efforts in delivering an app that serves it purpose in the best way possible.


In most cases, clients can only express their ideas verbally while the developers reason with the idea from a technical standpoint. This is why two-way communication is key – share ideas freely with all the ifs and buts. This way both parties involved can visualize the idea together to craft an app that accelerates the business’ progress.

If the client is new to the field and is not aware of how app development is done, it’d be up to the development company to take responsibility, establish good communication, form a team with all the right talents, and assist the client to craft the product he/she desires.

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