How Chatbots Improve & Polish Customer Experience

For any business to strive towards success, be it a startup or a corporate giant the likes of

For any business to strive towards success, be it a startup or a corporate giant the likes of Amazon, providing exemplary customer experience is key. Modern businesses have realized this and have started figuring out efficient approaches to provide responsive, interactive, and engaging customer services. One bad interaction jeopardizes the company’s growth in more ways than one.

Among all the various customer services approaches adopted by businesses, the most intriguing and evidently successful approach is the use of chatbots – AI-powered programs that can mimic human conversations and allow brands to build their presence across messaging apps that are widely used by the target user base.  

According to Gartner, a quarter of the world’s customer service operations would be managed by virtual customer assistants aka chatbots by 2020.

Irrespective of the industry, renowned brands including Starbucks, The Wall Street Journal, Pizza Hut, Spotify etc. have already started investing in chatbots so as to enhance customer experience.

That said, here are a few ways how chatbots can help businesses improve customer experience.

Always available

Unlike human customer service executives, a chatbot is available 24/7 to address, resolve, or forward customer queries. A chatbot can serve multiple customers simultaneously. One primary use of the chatbot on a website is that it can help guide potential customers deeper into the sales funnel.

For instance, if a visitor to your website is interested in purchasing a specific product or service provided they get answers to some questions related to that product/service, a chatbot can be of assistance. It can act as a company representative and provide the visitor with the details he/she needs to go ahead with the purchase.

Provide personalized experience

If the customers are made aware that the business is personally seeing to their needs and requirements, they’d obviously trust the business more. Chatbots can provide such an experience by tracking customers’ buying habits and analyzing their purchase histories to grant them with offers they can’t easily refuse. This makes an online purchase much more convenient to customers. Trust and convenience are the basis of loyalty. So, in essence, an efficient chatbot can give businesses loyal customers.

Millennial-friendly interface

Millennials make up a good majority of the world’s population, and are the main demographic cohort that modern businesses target. Millennials are very social compared to the previous generations, and tend to use messaging apps and other digital media to share their views and opinions on almost everything. They also enjoy chatting with friends and acquaintances via messaging apps.

With an efficient chatbot deployed on such messaging apps and voice-based platforms, a conversation with a chatbot would seem casual to Millennials. And if they loved the experience, they’d let it be known via their social media accounts.

Simple transactions

Certain chatbots are capable of performing certain specific actions that aren’t complex in nature – like booking movie tickets or hotel rooms, money transfers, compare products etc. Various eCommerce sites use chatbots to serve customers who want to know the status of their orders or track order deliveries.


Chatbots may have seemed like a luxury once. But they are a necessity now for businesses who aim to improve customer experience and grow without problems. Depending on how creatively they are used, chatbots can do wonders for a business. Though getting the right chatbot for your business can be a challenge, it’s nevertheless a good investment considering how chatbots are trending at present.

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