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Why Businesses Should Use Business Intelligence Software

To manage a business effectively, one must first figure out the right way to measure it effectively. This

To manage a business effectively, one must first figure out the right way to measure it effectively. This is where business intelligence (BI) steps in. More than quite a lot of things, modern businesses should realize the importance of business intelligence to thrive in today’s competitive world. Making decisions purely based on gut instincts is the old school approach that simply isn’t considered a healthy practice today.

What BI is about

In a nutshell, data is what matters the most for businesses today to remain competent. Those that collect and analyze their data can potentially uncover critical insights with which they can take appropriate and possibly game-changing actions. Statistically speaking, such businesses are more successful than their competitors that neglect the role of business intelligence.

The process of extracting valuable insights and using those insights to make strategic, impactful decisions is what BI is all about. It’s exactly what they need to ‘measure’ their business.

With the right business intelligence software, a business can not only optimize its strategic decisions but also its performance as well.

If you are still not convinced, take a look at the business benefits of investing in a BI solution.

Smarter decision-making

This is practically the most important benefit of having a BI solution. Just because a business has access to a lot of information doesn’t automatically make it smarter especially if all those data are ‘siloed’ in fundamentally distinct parts of that business.

A BI solution essentially converts the company’s data into actionable insights. Data-driven decisions contribute to faster growth and superior performance financially. The solution enables a business to pinpoint hotspots that impact performance both positively and negatively so adjustments can be made accordingly. Decisions will then be made based on facts rather than assumptions.

Boost sales and marketing

A great business intelligence strategy is supplemented by a robust BI solution that delivers in-depth analysis of business data. The results can significantly boost marketing performance and contribute to improving team collaboration for even more benefits.

For instance, BI data can help provide sales personnel with the right tools to measure their activity, understand customer behavior, and strategically exploit sales opportunities, be it upselling or cross-selling.

When it comes to marketing, the team gets more visibility of sales data they can use to fine tune their marketing strategies and campaigns. The solution facilitates efficient tracking and measurement of their marketing campaigns while ensuring that future marketing initiatives are more lucrative at the same time.

Boost customer experience

It’s imperative for modern businesses to invest in understanding their customers so as to deliver an exemplary customer experience. A good BI solution would give the company access to real-time information that pertains to ongoing service cases, purchase histories, and customer interests. This way they can identify profiles of the most profitable customers.

This allows the company to identify where potential buyers are in the sales cycle and what they expect to know before making purchases. Additionally, this information also allows the company to tailor customer service responses and appropriately handle or even avoid customer service failure scenarios.


Many businesses have already started shifting their focus from department-specific solutions to those that positively impact enterprise-wide deployments – like a BI solution. To conclude, BI solutions enable them to strategically align their business activities with their objectives. Leverage the power of a top-notch, bespoke BI solution from AOT to make your business smarter and more competent. Contact our experts today for deeper insights.

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