Business-Aligned Software

What a Business-Aligned Software Can Actually Do

The operations of modern day enterprises are powered by Information Technology. However, many of these enterprises deploy IT

The operations of modern day enterprises are powered by Information Technology. However, many of these enterprises deploy IT simply because it’s the trend, and others are doing it. Some of them don’t even bother to check whether their digital solutions are synchronized with their goals.

In the long run in today’s competitive environment, this neglect towards leveraging a business-aligned software could end up hindering the enterprise’s progress. On the other hand, using business-aligned software offers the enterprise far-reaching benefits and competitive advantages.

So many enterprises, in the last couple of years, realized the difference a powerful software solution can make in their operations and growth.

A testament to this:

According to Statista, the worldwide IT spending in 2018 on enterprise software is expected to cross 390 billion US dollars.

That said, let’s see what a business-aligned enterprise software can do for organizations.

Cutting-edge analytics and improved decision-making

New-gen technologies can be leveraged by modern business software to perform accurate analytics, which would help businesses identify pain-points and security vulnerabilities. Such solutions can also provide insights on everything including the aspects that directly or indirectly impact business performance, the points where sale goes up, what delights clients the most etc.

Though this depends on the data being fed to the analytical engine, it’s still one of the most powerful uses of business-aligned software today. This explains why many enterprises are exploring how big data can be leveraged for business analytics. Integrating the analytics systems with the business’ operational systems offers real-time visibility, which essentially makes decision-making easier. The catch is that there would be huge amounts of data involved that hide the secret to making the journey easier for an enterprise.

Improved workforce productivity and service delivery

A few years back, IT was relied on for supporting core operations. Now, IT basically runs the core operations owing to the proliferation of emerging technologies and their advancements. Deploying IT in an enterprise’s core activities facilitate workflow optimization and effective resource management. It also enables interdepartmental collaboration and provides better, more unique customer experiences.

Presently, business-aligned software is mainly used to transform an enterprise from the inside out and accelerate the business into a more digital economy. Most enterprises use powerful software solutions to optimize supply chain management, tasks management or simply to support the business’ strategic goals.

Enterprise software, through synchronized workflows and automation, can make businesses agile, adaptable, and competent. The right kind of developers can craft enterprise software to be platforms that drive innovation at minimal investments and risks. Ultimately, everything from workforce productivity to service delivery will be improved if the software being used is business-aligned.

Risks mitigation

Despite the plethora of benefits an enterprise software can offer, it would still be useless if it isn’t built with the goals of the business in mind. It may provide different results that weren’t expected. For instance, using automation software to automate a process that’s already falling apart, it’d do more harm than good. Knowledge of the business goals enables developers to get creative, and build a solution that aligns with the goals and minimize potential risks to reach those goals.

Risks mitigation is often underestimated by most enterprises, who instead prioritize functionality enhancement or other expedient issues. A business-aligned enterprise software takes into account the potential risks and will have measures programmed into it to perform the right course of action should the risk goes active.

Better teamwork

If the software is aligned with the business’ goals, it’d integrate well with the business processes and meet all requirements. This would essentially change the way the business’ team functions. These digital solutions bring team members closer together, enabling them to make optimal decisions and actions while visible to the top management. Basically, the enterprise software would serve as a platform that facilitates collaboration and helps express the team’s contribution to the organization.

This way, there won’t be a need for data silos, and data accessibility will be easier. An added benefit is that the team gets to see a big picture view of the operations they are part of, which would make it easier to identify security gaps, limitations, and potential roadblocks. Ultimately, every team of every department within the organization can progress seamlessly towards the enterprise’s strategic goals.

Reduce costs while improving efficiency

Obviously, the automation and business process streamlining capabilities, accuracy and workforce productivity improvements would end up reducing overall costs considerably. In addition, business-aligned software also provides an indirect benefit of great customer satisfaction, which in turn will contribute to increasing sales and delivering long-term benefits for the organization.

With fast and efficient service delivery comes customer satisfaction. And with customer satisfaction comes a favorable view towards the enterprise and patronization which certainly leads to more sales. More sales means more revenue and lesser per-unit costs. The chain reaction would boost enterprise efficiency further, all of which made possible by a robust enterprise solution aligned with business goals.


However, the continuous state of flux of IT demands the enterprise to stay one step ahead by replacing older technologies with newer ones. The enterprise’s goals may change as well which would shift priorities. The software should reflect this, and it would be up to the software development company to revise the solution and improve it with updates enabling it to keep seizing opportunities on the go in a dynamically changing business realm.

This is why choosing the right developer is just as important as choosing the right software. AoT technologies is one among those developers who constantly monitor technological advancements and their impact on businesses. We use that knowledge on homebrewed custom enterprise solutions to make sure our clients can easily keep up with changing times and stay ahead of their competitors.

If you are seeking a software solution that can meet and overcome your complex business challenges, we can build one for you that aligns perfectly with your business goals and deliver the best ROI. Give us a call today to explore the benefits of having AoT as your IT partner.

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