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5 Tech Mistakes That Can Ruin Small Businesses in More Ways than One

Small, medium-sized businesses have access to a plethora of affordable digital tools and technologies today though not all

Small, medium-sized businesses have access to a plethora of affordable digital tools and technologies today though not all of them are well-equipped to choose, implement, and maintain some of those technologies. Despite a slight positive shift in IT priorities over the years, SMBs still struggle with new technologies and are hesitant to invest in them.

Back in the day, the challenge for SMBs was in finding the right solution technology can provide. Now they have too many ‘right’ solutions. Figuring out the right combinations of effective technologies is even more challenging for SMBs that can’t match a larger organization’s resource capabilities and investment potential. Overwhelmed by such challenges, most SMBs are bound to make mistakes one way or another, and these mistakes can severely hurt them.

Here are 4 such harmful mistakes that SMBs can avoid.

No planning when it comes to adopting a technology

This particular mistake may sound simple but it’s much too common among SMBs. These organizations see things in a simple way – “use this tech, get these benefits”. On the contrary, they should be seeing technology as something that solves a business need as opposed to something that makes doing business easier. For this, the businesses should be clear on their business needs and how the technology they’ve chosen can address them. Documenting and figuring out the answers to all those questions they can have about adopting a technology is the first step to successful planning.

Taking a quick leap of faith

When SMBs decide to use a tech, they often tend to make quick decisions regarding the adoption of the tech. The near-endless tech options they have can overwhelm them to quickly pick a tech that impressed them somehow –an attractive price tag, appealing feature etc.

This haste can do more harm than good for the business which could end up with a tech that looked the part but simply doesn’t fit in. To avoid this, SMBs need to realize that figuring out the right solution is going to take some time. They can also reach out to peers or go for free-trials to understand technologies better before picking one.

Ignoring maintenance

Once a small business gets a tech implemented and working, they may sit back expecting all the benefits to come their way. They don’t realize that the technology requires proper maintenance to deliver consistent efficiency. The business will need to periodically check whether the technology is secure, and meeting is their needs.

Not understanding which tech can help them grow better

Every business wants to grow bigger and generate more revenue. Using the right technology facilitates the best growth for the business. But smaller businesses often misinterpret this fact and go for the best technology instead of the ‘right’ technology.

For instance, VR and AR are two of the hottest technologies today that businesses are struggling to leverage. Investing in them just because they are trending now may not result in the growth that the business expects. It’s important to identify and prioritize which technology the business needs to grow.


Some SMBs are reluctant to invest in new, trending technologies. But when they do, they expect quick results. This and several other misconceptions, and the challenges of implementing a chosen technology could lead them to make mistakes that can have serious consequences. They can either meet the challenge head on or seek assistance from a technology expert.

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